In web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, copying information or referring from one website to another can be painful when having to switch back and forth between tabs.

In this video, I demonstrate how to split and merge tabs that are already open so you can quickly compare/ copy data between sites.

Transcription for: Splitting & merging tabs within web browsers Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
Hi, Lynette from Kits and Bits here.

In this video we’re going to look at splitting and merging browser tabs within browser windows.

I’m using Google Chrome for this example but it should work with most browsers and it gives you great flexibility in how you can use them.

Splitting Browser Tabs

I have an open browser with a couple of tabs in it. If I wanted to view those tabs side by side all I have to do is drag the tab outside of the window.

That may be on to a second monitor if you have one installed or like me you can just resize the browser so that it’s only taking up half of your screen and then drag and drop the tab on to our new window or the leftover desktop and then you can size them so that you can see them equally.

Merging Browser Tabs

Then once you’re done if you want to keep that tab open you can just drag and drop it back onto the window and then maximize the space that that tab is using.

I hope this helps make you more productive when using browsers.

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Okay, thanks. Seeya.

End of Transcription
N.B. This transcription has been edited for better readability, however, the general structure is the same as the video.

Do you often need to compare or copy between different websites?

If so, I’d love to hear from you.


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Lynette Delane

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