Lynette is most definitely a magician when it comes to branded PowerPoint and Facebook cover art. An absolute pleasure to work with. Lynette is gifted, professional and fun.. highly recommended!

Laura Elkaslassy, Adroit Business Solutions





Laura Elkaslassy of Adroit Business Solutions provides a Testimonial for Kits and Bits
Jay Crisp Crow of Crisp Crow Communications and Crisp Copy provides a testimonial for Kits and Bits

Like all great service providers, I didn’t realise I needed you until I needed you. Thank you for taking my scrappy bits of ideas and turning them into a swish, slick Power Point presentation so quickly, in readiness for my first huge group presentation.

I spoke for an hour that day, and my lusciously designed, clean and beautiful slides gave me some serious extra confidence. You’re a pleasure to work with; always quick with a solution, no stress, good fun. Thanks again.”

Jay Crisp Crow, Crisp Copy

Lynette quickly worked her magic to produce some amazing document templates working with only a logo and font type.

My documents have had many comments about how professional they look, which is exactly the image I want to portray to my clients. presentation so quickly, in readiness for my first huge group presentation.

With her professional skills and her professional approach, I look forward to working with Lynette in the future, as I require more of her services.

Melanie Gray, My Computer Lab

Melanie Gray of My Computer Labprovides a Testimonial for Kits and Bits
Testimonial for Kits and Bits from Shalani Nandan of Legally Shalini

Lynette has been instrumental in helping me create confidence in my branding in my webinar and in person presentations and Facebook and Newsletter cover art.

Having Lynette create slide templates for Legally Shalini has allowed me to prepare my webinars effortlessly and to present with confidence.

I am not tech savvy and this was a problem for me and undermined my confidence when it came to sharing my knowledge in presentations both online and live. Lynette helped me address this problem with her expertise, knowledge, professional, down to earth can do approach and allowed me to get on with the important things in my business.

Lynette was helpful, prompt and a pleasure to work with and never assumed my technical knowledge or lack of it.

The templates Lynette completed for me are professional, fresh and very much on point about my branding.
I would recommend Lynette to any entrepreneur who wants to make presentation and communication simpler for themselves in their business!  Thank you so much Lynette.

Shalini Nandan, Legally Shalini

Working with Lynette was an absolute pleasure. Lynette has an uncanny ability to translate your vision and message into brilliant visuals for your office documentation including power points.

Like a magician she makes technology seem simple and effortless. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Kits and Bits will be there for me if I have any technology questions.

As a money coach, my time is best spent on empowering, education and enlightening women about their money destiny. Lynette allows me to do that with peace of mind knowing that my brand and message shines consistently. Now that is priceless.


Christina Cabrera, Wisdom of Wealth

Testimonial for Kits and Bits from Christina Cabrera of Wisdom of Wealth for Women
Nicole Bathurst of Naturally Nic provides a testimonial for Kits and Bits

I did not begin my online journey until I was over 50 and tech is not a strength. I engaged Lynette to help me over the mundane everyday tech stuff that is absolutely vital for my business.

I want her in my life forever but I know I won’t need her forever because she works hard to ensure I am learning to do this tech stuff myself! Lynette is patience personified. She is encouraging and knows exactly what I need to make my life easier with the techy side of an online business.

Nicole Bathurst, Naturally Nic

Before I received my branded PowerPoint Templates from Lynette, my presentations looked very amateur.

They didn’t have any personal branding at all, and the layouts were very average. Indeed it took me so long to fiddle around, placing things and getting everything looking right, it was ridiculous. Using the templates saves me time, which I am very grateful for.

The layouts are amazing and give plenty of options. Lynette, even went to the trouble of finding a font that matched my logo, which I am now using for my emails and newsletter’s so I have more consistency. I hadn’t even thought about that!! Lynette’s service was fabulous, I would highly recommend her services. Thanks Lynette, next will be Branded Word Templates.

Michelle Hickman, Living Wisdom

Testimonial for Kits and Bits from Michelle Hickman of Living Wisdom
Cassandra Hatch provides a testimonial for Kits and Bits

I am really happy with Lynette’s service and personality.

She’s really easy to relate to and willing to help me the way that’s best for my circumstances . I’m a busy mum and it was a wonderful relief to feel she got me and nothing was a problem – lighten my load.

I’m super excited now to see the branded templates I know they will look great and will reduce the block to me getting more work out there and helping more people.

Cassandra Hatch, Cassandra Hatch

Lynette recently created a branded PowerPoint template for my business and I’m really pleased with the end result.  The whole process was really easy and I didn’t have to get involved at all.

Before she got her hands on me my slides where very amateur and took a lot longer to create as there was no specific templates so things moved when they shouldn’t! It was just something I kept putting off sorting out so I was grateful to hand over to an expert. Now I can quickly and easily choose from a massive selection of slides which are formatted beautifully and are easy to use.

I didn’t give Lynette any brief about what I wanted, I just provided my brand details and was really pleased with what she presented me.  I also received excellent after sales service from Lynette when I had a question about my font.  I feel more confident on my webinars as I know my slides look the part. Thanks so much.

Jo Bendle

Testimonial for Kits and Bits from Jo Bendle
Testimonial for Kits and Bits from The Freelance Collective

Being at the very start of our journey, we needed a professional look for all of our documents, so turned to one of our talented freelance members to undertake the work for us, which was absolutely amazing.

Nina Hendy – Founder, The Freelance Collective

Lynette assisted our organisation by developing a professional policy and procedures manual template and colour coordinated and branded Microsoft application templates such as Word and PowerPoint.

She also totally revamped our collection of data spreadsheets which has been a huge help adding in drop down menus, formulas and improved how we enter and record our data which is so important. She was fantastic in providing support and training to our staff and is such a warm and friendly person to work with. I would happily recommend her as I’m confident she could help any organisation.

Mark Griffin, Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sports

Testimonial for Kits and Bits from Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sports

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