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Whether you need consistent branding across all your files, training in how to use your Microsoft & other software more efficiently or help getting your processes out of your head, I can help you save time and money in your business, every day!
Branded Document Templates for use in Microsoft Word

Branded Document Templates

For use in Microsoft Word...

My Branded Document Templates will allow you to;

  • Quickly create a branded document of your choice with a consistent professional feel,
  • Save time and remove frustration when creating letters, eBooks, reports, proposals and more,
  • Reduce the time taken for you to respond to your clients,
  • Increase the ease with which you send your documents,
  • Make your documents easier for your clients to read.
Personalised Software Training

Personalised Software Training

For Microsoft products and common small business software...

My Personalised Software training allows you to;

  • Reduce the time and inefficiencies of travel,
  • Limit overload from being away from the workplace for extended periods of time,
  • Reduce overwhelm by accessing your training in short easy to consume blocks of time,
  • Get the training that YOU need and only what you need,
  • Focus on the tools that will give you the biggest return on investment,
  • Implement your learnings there and then, increasing your value for money.

Branded Presentation Templates

For use in Microsoft PowerPoint...

My Branded Presentation template allows you to;

  • Create branded professional, consistent presentations,
  • Remove the hassle of "fiddling" with text, images, and layers,
  • Spend that time focusing on the quality of your content and delivery,
  • Avoid "Death by PowerPoint"

With 50 slide layouts, you'll have plenty of options to create a slide to suit the content in new and interesting ways.

Business Process Documentation

Get access to an experienced technical writer at an hourly or fixed rate package basis, allowing you to;

  • Get advice on documenting your business processes,
  • Have a professional and consistent template tailored to your business, simplifying the creation of new documentation as it's needed,
  • Effectively outsource or delegate repetitive or low return on investment tasks,
  • Make the most of your existing team or eventually bring on new team members, knowing they will be able to follow job tasks immediately,
  • Identify simple process improvements during exploration, implementing them in real time, leading to greater productivity,
  • You're not locked into having to have someone on staff or on a minimum term contract.

Branded Functional Spreadsheets

For use in Microsoft Excel...

You can have Branded Functional Spreadsheets designed to;

  • Look good rather than being the ugly files that get ignored when it comes to branding,
  • Be functional saving you time in development and data entry,
  • Capture data effectively for detailed analysis.
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