Rock Your Systems

Sick of recreating processes every time you do something?

If you got sick tomorrow, would anyone else be able to run the show?

Do you want to outsource but feel like you can’t because the ‘how to’ for everything is stuck in your head?

You need to rock your systems!

Spend a day working on the foundations of business excellence – processes and systems that deliver a consistent experience. Whether you’re a total beginner or a systems junkie, this workshop will see you develop strategies to work with greater ease and efficiency.

How It Works

This is a combination of ‘workshop’ and ‘DIY day’. Your day will involve:

  • A mini-workshop delivered by processes and systems expert Lynette – unpacking how to map your processes and identify what systems and tools you can use to improve them.
  • Q&A with Lynette and Anna from CreativeIQ focused on their experiences and ideas when it comes to great systems for small business.
  • Independent working time on mapping your processes and designing your systems, with help from Anna and Lynette as you go.
  • A chance to meet other action-taking business owners.


What To Work On

It’s really a ‘choose your own adventure’ kind of day (equipping you with the confidence to tackle other areas of your business once you head back to the office). Here are some ideas of the processes you might like to unpack (and then pick systems to help you implement them):

  • Client onboarding;
  • Quote preparation;
  • Accounting and billing;
  • Social media marketing;
  • E-newsletter marketing;
  • Responding to enquiries/Managing your inbox;
  • Managing your team;
  • Appointments and calendar management;
  • Product development/service delivery; or
  • Anything you do regularly and you want to make consistent and efficient.


What To Bring

  • Laptop or preferred device (or go old school with a notebook and pen);
  • Internet access (limited WIFI is available) or download materials you’ll need before you come and go ‘off grid‘ for the day; and
  • Layered clothing – the room is air-conditioned so pick a comfy outfit that you can adjust to suit the temperature of the room.


The Details

When: Monday 18 June, 9:30am3:30pm
Where: Midland, Western Australia
Earlybird Price: $125 (book before 17 May)
Full Price: $150
Healthy gluten free/dairy free morning and afternoon tea provided
BYO lunch (kitchen available) or stroll down to one of the local cafe


Find out about our York event on 7 June

Yes, book me in

I want to rock my systems!

Who Are These Women?

Lynette Delane

Kits and Bits’ Tech Translator

Lynette works with clients to understand what they need to achieve excellence in business and then works with them to design the process and select the systems that allow clients to work in the simplest way possible.

Lynette’s worked on process design and systems for multi-nationals through to micro-businesses and knows her stuff.

Lynette ‘speaks your language’. She knows tech can be intimidating and that it’s easy for smart people to feel dumb when dealing with tech. Instead, her clients feel relieved to find solutions and delighted to gain back control and time.

Anna Dixon

CreativeIQ’s Chief Strategist

Anna loves thinking creatively (and practically) about how to do things better, especially when it comes to business. She works with clients to identify their business goals and develop strategies to reach them.

Anna is ‘one of those organised people’ and loves to figure out how to use tech to do things with greater ease.

She knows that having processes and systems in place actually gives business owners more opportunities to be creative because they are freed up to focus on thinking about great ideas, instead of focusing on the boring bits.

Process & Systems – What’s the difference?

We’ve been banging on about processes and systems, but what’s the difference?

Here’s the quick version.

Processes are a sequence of events that means something gets done.

Systems are what is used to implement the process.

So, you might have a client appointment process that has a series of steps that you and the client need to do to move from the initial enquiry by the client through to them actually turning up for an appointment (and possibly making payment as part of the process). The systems are the tools and actions that make the process possible – for example, your client appointment process might involve an online booking tool, your Google calendar, a payment processing service and perhaps a text messaging service.

I want to rock my systems! Book me in!

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