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Business owners I love working with that will improve your productivity or help you run your business
Laura Elkaslassy of Adroit Business Solutions is recommended by Lynette Delane of Kits and Bits

Laura Elkaslassy is soooo #notjustabookkeeper.

Laura takes the time to understand your business, where you want it to go and gives you practical, non-judgemental recommendations on how to get there.

Focussing on making you a profitable business, Laura will be honest with you about your numbers and make sure you can sustain your business and yourself in it. She helped me work out what turnover I need to sustain my income goal and how I can make that happen.

Shalini Nandan of Legally Shalini is recommended by Lynette Delane of Kits and Bits

I knew I wanted to increase my Facebook engagement but I wasn’t sure how, so I engaged Chenae to coach me through it. Chenae provides so much information, enthusiasm and encouragement, it’s difficult to resist.

I started with one of Chenae’s webinars where I got some great insights about personal branding, then I attended Chenae’s all day workshop in Melbourne where she stretched my comfort zone with lots of selfies and funny faces.

I have now invented the term #getchenaed to describe what it’s like to work with Chenae as she has become a voice in my head when I’m out and about that encourages me to show myself to my clients for the #knowliketrust factor and it’s paying off.

I love having Chenae on my team, helping me push myself and my business out into the world and her beautiful energy. Nothing is too much of a chore, it’s beautiful and breezy while actualy getting shiz done.

Moving to Melbourne meant I had to rebuild a local professional network from scratch. I started attending Your Time Matters events early on and found a fun, focussed community who believe is building relationships over quick and dirty sales.
YTM truly is networking with a twist. I’ve done a lot of networking but Kerryn and Leigh provide true opportunities for connection, both with research to find out who is an ideal connection to introduce you to, rather than leaving you to fend for yourself as well as mixing it up with conversation cards, different event formats and great guest speakers.

Jay Crisp Crow of Crisp Crow Communications anc Crisp Copy is recommended by Lynette Delane of Kits and Bits

Jay Crisp Crow is my Copywriting Fairy Godmother.

I’ve worked with Jay in multiple ways, group coaching, 1:1 coaching, copywriting & editing, poring through her eBooks as I write and I love it all.

Jay doesn’t pull any punches but is also equally lavish with praise when she sees something she loves. Everything is said with love, humor and a huge amount of experience behind it.

The thing I love most about Jay is that she explains the “why” of the changes she’s recommending, so you can stop making the same mistakes and become a better copywriter.

Robyn Kyberd of Optimise + Grow Online is recommended by Lynette Delane of Kits and Bits

Robyn helped me navigate the world of SEO and optimising my online presence.

Coming into my life at the perfect time of redoing my website, Robyn asked me so many questions that I hadn’t even considered, let alone answered.

I feel confident that my online content is built with purpose, strategy and working as hard for me as I worked to put it together.

Christina Cabrera of Wisdom of Wealth for Women is recommended by Lynette Delane of Kits and Bits

Christina Cabrera is determined to improve as many women’s money stories as she possibly can, no matter how bad it was, to begin with.

The Money Smart Women Master Class brings women from different backgrounds, with different money stories together with a common goal.

Not to be part of a get rich quick scheme but to take an honest, transparent look at how they view money, what their current status is, how they got that way and what they want to change and the tools they can use to do that.

Christina continues to gracefully challenge my and others knowledge, language and beliefs around money and I would recommend the Money Smart Master Class and Christina to any woman trying to change their money story.

Gail O'Keefe

Gail O’Keefe mentors entrepreneurial women using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT aka tapping) so they can cultivate an unstoppable mindset.

I call Gail the #emotionaltweezer because every time (and I mean every time) I tapped with her, she pulled another splinter of hurt or fear out of me. “Funny things” started to happen, money would show up in my bank account while we were on a call, I would attract new high paying clients after working on my money blocks, I had more energy after working on my lack of motivation and fatigue.

I’m a fairly logical person and can only cope with a bit of “woo” at a time, but since consistently tapping with Gail, those “funny things” happened more and more and my life has got better and better. I really don’t care how it works but it is working and I have made the techniques Gail has taught me, part of my daily ritual.

Shalini Nandan of Legally Shalini is recommended by Lynette Delane of Kits and Bits

Shalini helped shape how I fit me, the business owner, into my business.

Shalini helped me shape how I could work with non-profits, get the warm and fuzzies while still getting recognised for my work.

I now have a great pro-bono agreement that allows me to be of service and have a sustainable, profitable business. I also have a crisp client agreement that outlines the expectations between my business and the client over an iterative process.

Melanie Gray and MyCL (My Computer Lab) is recommended by Lynette Delane of Kits and Bits

Melanie is my go-to tech person when the tech is over my head. She saved 90% of my data when my hard drive died and set me up with a new back-up process.

Honest and hard working, with a background in business analysis, Melanie will not talk you into hardware or software that you do not need.

Jo Bendle

Jo Bendle turned my days from unproductive meanderings interspersed with distractions to a focused task driven to do list.

Jo introduced me to Virtual Co-working which has been an absolute game changer for this extrovert who sits in an office on her own most of the time.

Between her Facebook group, group coaching and 1:1 intensives, Jo gets her clients to be more productive then they’ve been before.

Shannon Bush of Creative Possibility is recommended by Lynette Delane of Kits and Bits

I have worked with Shannon in so many capacities, it’s difficult to cut this recommendation.

Here are some of the ways Shannon has helped me;

  • Developing goals for the whole of my life, not just my business – through her “Effortless Year” program
  • Creative business planning through her “Effortless Success Plan”
  • Extracting my Benefit Statements for my services
  • Gathering wisdom (hers and her guests) on her “Law of Effortless” podcast

But the thing that has made the biggest difference in my business and life is Shannon’s “Personal Leadership Style” profiling.

Shannon’s profiling tool has helped me harness my strengths and put that into my business long term strategy and my daily task list.

I don’t get distracted by what everyone else is doing because I know what works for and what doesn’t.

Neta Talmor of No Hassle Websites is recommended by Lynette Delane of Kits and Bits

When I first started my biz, I was talked into using a platform that I hadn’t heard of and that is a lot more complex than I need.

It took me months to get my first iteration up and in 2+ years I’ve hardly posted any blogs because it was more difficult than it should be to share my content and quite frankly I wasn’t proud of how it looked.

Over the last month I’ve been working on my new WordPress site with a Divi theme from Neta at No Hassle Websites and I luuuuuuurve it.

Neta provides plenty of training videos, great setup instructions and is on hand to answer any questions you have.

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