In Microsoft Office, the HOME and END Keys can help you navigate around the applications more efficiently.

In this video, I explain how to use them across Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and general browsers like Chrome or Mozilla.

Transcription for: Keyboard Love: Home and End Keys in Microsoft Windows
Hi Lynette from Kits and Bits here.

Hi everyone Lynette here with a tech tip on this fabulous Friday.

Anybody who knows me, knows that I love a good keyboard shortcut.

The HOME and END keys aren’t technically shortcuts they exist as their own key on non-MAC keyboards but they can save you a huge amount of time in word processing using spreadsheets browsing the web or using your file explorer.

They are essentially “jump keys” – so they jump to the beginning or the end of whatever you’re in. Tricky huh.


So in a browser, the HOME key will jump to the start of the web page and the END Key will jump to the end of the web page no matter how much scrolling would normally be required with a mouse.

Microsoft Word:

In a Word document hitting the HOME or END key will jump to the beginning or the end of the line that your cursor is currently in but if you add CTRL to the mix and hit CTRL+HOME or CTRL+END it will jump to the start or end of the document no matter how many pages there are.

Microsoft Excel:

In Excel spreadsheet, HOME will return you to Column A of whatever row your cursor is currently in. Hitting CTRL+HOME will take you to cell A1.

Hitting END in Excel is a little bit different because it will take you to whatever the last valid value is within the spreadsheet so if you’re only using 12 columns and 12 rows it will take you to that last cell of the 12th column and the 12th row.

I’m going to give you another tip in a couple weeks time that will tell you how to select all of that using your home key.

Microsoft Outlook:

In Microsoft Outlook, a tap of the END key will either; take you to the last folder the inbox or the last individual message depending on where you are and HOME will take you to the top.

Mac Users

If you’re like these shortcuts but you’re a Mac user you can actually use FN+left arrow and FN+right arrow to get a similar effect.

That’s my tech tip on HOME and END keys

I have been using them with gusto ever since I found out what they did.

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Okay thanks. Seeya.

End of Transcription
N.B. This transcription has been edited for better readability, however, the general structure is the same as the video.


Have you used the Home and End Keys?

If so, I’d love to hear from you.


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