The Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade “helpfully” changed some of the default programs that open certain file types. If you don’t like what’s been chosen; e.g. Microsoft Edge for PDFs instead of Adobe Acrobat or Groove Music Player for mp3 instead of iTunes, using these steps you can go about changing default programs to ones that you prefer.

Transcription for: Microsoft Windows 10: Changing Default Programs

Hi, Lynette from Kits and Bits here.

Today I’m answering a question that I saw on the web, that was brought about by upgrading to Windows 10.

Windows 10 has delightfully decided to change some of the default programs used to open files such as using Microsoft Edge which is the new version of Internet Explorer to open PDFs instead of Adobe Acrobat or whatever other programs that you have installed for PDFs.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to change the default program for a file type so that you can get your computer working for you instead of against you!

Here you can see I have my file explorer open and I have a bunch of files that you can see based on the type there are a number of PDFs but they’re not showing the PDF icon, they’re showing the Edge icon which means that if I double-click it and open it it will open in Microsoft Edge which is not what I want, so I’m going to close that.

Then we’re going to go down to our search bar next to our Windows button and we’re going to type in “default” and you can see here it comes up with [Default programs] so I’m going to select that.

Now you’ve got default apps but if we go to the down we’re going to select [Choose default applications by file type].

So this first section will give you the main ones that you use that we’re going to choose by file type and then because we’re  looking at PDFs we’re going to scroll all the way down until we get to “.PDF” and you can see here that it’s got Microsoft Edge selected so I can select that and it will give me the most likely options so Adobe Reader being the obvious one

Microsoft also has another reader installed or I could even be opening it in Photoshop if I wanted to but I’m going to use Adobe Reader this time.

If I wanted to, I could scroll down and look for another app, either installed on the computer or in the store, but I’m just going to select Adobe Reader and then close that and then this time you can see that all the PDF icons have changed and if I double-click it opens up the PDF in Adobe Acrobat so I can now use it as a normally would.

Okay, so that’s changing your default program so that it will open your files in the program that you want it to not the program that the computer has chosen.

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Okay, thanks. Seeya.

End of Transcription
N.B. This transcription has been edited for better readability, however, the general structure is the same as the video.


Changing Default Programs in Windows 10

Did you get caught out by the Windows 10 Upgrade changing default programs?

If so, I’d love to hear from you.


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