Business Process Documentation and Review

Document your business procedures and identify simple process improvements
Business Process Documentation | Done For You Service | Australia

Are you spending all of your time “IN your biz” and not enough “ON your biz”?

Are you ready to;

  • Outsource effectively?
  • Delegate your low return on investment tasks? or
  • Increase your company’s ability to be ‘Saleable’ and ‘Scalable’?

I can help you get all of the information you need to run your business out of your head and into a documented process anyone can use.

With good operating procedures, your employees will gain greater independence and confidence — and you’ll enjoy knowing that your business is in well-trained hands, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks.

For small and medium-sized businesses, unplanned employee absences or terminations can be devastating, but documenting your business processes clearly can greatly reduce the stress of hiring and training.

Business Process Documentation | Done For You | Australia

A good business procedure will benefit your company by:

Helping you identify processes within your business that can be streamlined or even automated


Mitigating employee error and simplifying new employee training

Increasing your company’s ‘Saleability’ and ‘Scalability’. Clearly documented processes ensure the continued health of your business when you scale up or sell.

Allowing you to focus on growing your business — not micromanaging it

Good procedures are:



Easy to follow,

Illustrated with screenshots, videos and checkboxes,

Easy to find.

I can help you identify the priority with which each business procedure should be documented and then;

  • Train you in best practice for documenting them, or
  • I can do it for you.

With the flexibility to hire in blocks of hours rather than days or weeks, I save you the expense of having to have someone on staff or a minimum term contract.

No need to train someone new to carry out this critical role, or have them waiting around being paid while you’re busy and they’re waiting on you.

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