Branded Document Templates

Fully branded document templates for use in Microsoft Word
Branded Document Templates for use in Microsoft Word

Have you ever had a full suite of documents printed en masse — only to discover that there’s a typo in the heading?

A good document template is like a well-tailored suit – it creates a strong, professional impression.

Whether you’re a business that’s been running for years or a startup, I can help you consolidate your brand with 3-10 customized templates that are beautifully designed and easy to use.

Working with templates ensures that any document generated by your company looks like it came from a graphic designer – at a fraction of the cost – and you won’t have to return to me every time you need a new document.

Using your own skills and existing software makes economical sense.

We still need letterheads but with PDFs and email blasts, many businesses are re-evaluating the need for old-fashioned letterhead.

With my fully branded Document Template Suite, your company can go paperless — or not — at its own speed.

Standard Document Template Suite

The Standard Branded Document Template Suite is perfect for small to medium businesses!

The documents are pre-formatted and we insert your logo, add your colour palette and fonts.

The package includes;

A personalised Style Guide “The Master”, detailing the ins and outs of your organisation document formats and layouts (including styles, fonts and colour schemes), allowing you to create a professional, consistent look and feel across all of your documentation so that you can be confident your brand will be respected and recognised.

A generic branded multipage/ long-form template (including front and back covers, table of contents etc), which means you’ll save time and remove frustration when creating reports, proposals, guides and more.

A branded single page/ short form template of your choice, allowing you to quickly create a branded document to suit your needs with a consistent professional feel. Reducing the time taken to respond and increasing the ease with which it can be sent and read.

You stay in full control

I hand over all editable files. I don’t make you come back to me for every little change.


Save time with custom styles

Custom Styles allow you to quickly format entire paragraphs with your brand consistently.


Instructions included

Instructions for setting up and using the templates are included in the Master Template.

Use them Offline

You don’t need access to the internet to use my templates.


Business Plan Template

I’ve taken some content templates that are publicly available on the web and
converted them to my brand so you can see the difference it makes.

Before Branding

Business Plan B4 Tables

After Branding

Order Form Template

Before Branding

After Branding

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