Branded Functional Spreadsheets

Fully branded and functional spreadsheets for use in Microsoft Excel


Having all your other material branded professionally and not applying the same care to your spreadsheets is like wearing a tailored suit with thongs (flip flops for our non-Aussie readers).

Do you have a spreadsheet that you hand out to clients in either hard copy or electronic form?

Spreadsheets usually get the least amount of love when it comes to branding as Excel’s default options are not made for “looking pretty”.

Is your spreadsheet functional?  Does it minimise the time you spend using it?

Spreadsheets can be really powerful tools if you know how to use them.

If you want your spreadsheet to do half the work for you and give you the right results, you need to set it up right at the beginning.

Tools like data validation, formulae and lookups can make sure your spreadsheet works as hard as you do.

Branded Excel Spreadsheets For Business

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Branded and Functional Spreadsheets will:

Consistently Branded

Your spreadsheets get the same brand lovin that your documents and presentations get.

Calculate nearly everything

Get formulae to do the calculations for you including finding and matching text.

Analyze your data

With good data setup and easy data entry, you’ll be able to analyse your data at any point.

Print Ready

Your spreadsheets will be ready to print at the click of a button.

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