Tech Tips, Tuition and Tales

I didn’t want to write this

I wanted you to think I had it all under control. I wanted the perfect business to support a perfect life. I yearned to give off the impression I had it all going on. So you’d trust me. So you’d do business with me. So, perhaps it might all be true.

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Good, Evil and Quick Brown Foxes

When designing documents without complete content, it's possible to use filler text. Filler text allows you to get the formatting correct before later replace it with the actual text without losing formatting. I use filler text in my branded document templates. My...

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How I stumbled into Technical Writing

I stumbled into Tech Writing (actually Technical Writing) as most tech writers do. But before I tell you how it happened, let me answer the question that is now foremost in your mind... "What the heck is Technical Writing?"   I'd love to reference a well-known...

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