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Tutorial: Shapes vs Text Boxes and using Selection Pane for layers in PowerPoint

Shapes and text boxes give you great control over how you lay your information out. Traditionally people will use both, they’ll create a shape to create a background and then they’ll add a text box over the top but in most cases this is overkill because they’re not actually doing anything special with it and if you’ve got lots of content you end up with lots of layers which makes it much harder to manage.

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Keyboard Love: Home and End Keys in Microsoft Windows

In Microsoft Office, the HOME and END Keys can help you navigate around the applications more efficiently. In this video, I explain how to use them across Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and general browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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Microsoft Windows 10: Changing Default Programs

The Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade “helpfully” changed some of the default programs that open certain file types. If you don’t like what’s been chosen; e.g. Microsoft Edge for PDFs instead of Adobe Acrobat or Groove Music Player for mp3 instead of iTunes, you can change your default program using these steps.

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Good, Evil and Quick Brown Foxes

When designing documents without complete content, it's possible to use filler text. Filler text allows you to get the formatting correct before later replace it with the actual text without losing formatting. I use filler text in my branded document templates. My...

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How I stumbled into Technical Writing

I stumbled into Tech Writing (actually Technical Writing) as most tech writers do. But before I tell you how it happened, let me answer the question that is now foremost in your mind... "What the heck is Technical Writing?"   I'd love to reference a well-known...

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