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“Lynette has been instrumental in helping me create confidence in my branding in my webinar and in person presentations and Facebook and Newsletter cover art.
Having Lynette create slide templates for Legally Shalini has allowed me to prepare my webinars effortlessly and to present with confidence.”

Shalini Nandan

Legally Shalini

“Lynette is most definitely a magician when it comes to branded PowerPoint and Facebook cover art. An absolute pleasure to work with. Lynette is gifted, professional and fun.. highly recommended!”

Laura Elkaslassy

Adroit Business Solutions

“I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Kits and Bits will be there for me if I have any technology questions. As a money coach, my time is best spent on empowering, education and enlightening women about their money destiny. Lynette allows me to do that with peace of mind knowing that my brand and message shines consistently. Now that is priceless.”

Christina Cabrera

Wisdom of Wealth


Tutorial: Fast Formatting with Format Painter and Cell Styles in Microsoft Excel

Shapes and text boxes give you great control over how you lay your information out. Traditionally people will use both, they’ll create a shape to create a background and then they’ll add a text box over the top but in most cases this is overkill because they’re not actually doing anything special with it and if you’ve got lots of content you end up with lots of layers which makes it much harder to manage.

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I didn’t want to write this

I wanted you to think I had it all under control. I wanted the perfect business to support a perfect life. I yearned to give off the impression I had it all going on. So you’d trust me. So you’d do business with me. So, perhaps it might all be true.

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