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Helps business owners who feel lost or overwhelmed by the tech side of their business, get the most out of the software they already have at their fingertips.

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You are brilliant at what you do!

But brilliance as a technician is not enough to build a successful business.

Sustainable, profitable (and scalable) businesses need more than an excellent offering.

They need processes and systems that work.


If the how of your business is stuck in your head,
you can’t grow, or even ask for help.

If you want to unshackle yourself from your business, you need to;

articulate your processes,

document them, and then,

continuously look for improvements.

Even if you’ve sorted out the how, if it is hard work to do the doing,
then you are wasting time and money by going about your business the long way.

If you want to implement your processes with great ease and efficiency, you need to work on creating systems that maximise the results of your efforts.

When you work with me, you get my exceptional technical knowledge around process design and the wider technical landscape, along with a deep understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite and other software systems.

But where my real value lies is in my unique abilities as a problem detector, problem solver and educator.

Together, we look at your unique needs and design a solution
that works for you, now and in the future.

I don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions that address
a tiny part of your actual need.

I don’t own a cookie-cutter.

In fact, I don’t even bring a recipe book.

What do you need help with?

What my clients say about working with Me


Laura Elkaslassy, Profit First Professionals Australia

Lynette has an unwavering ability to know where people are, what they need and how much information they can handle. Lynette is genuine, no-nonsense and super caring of everyone around her.


Anna Dixon, Creative IQ

Lynette is able to tailor what she does to help her clients develop in an empowered way. She’s knowledgeable and thinks strategically, translating her insights into workable solutions for her clients to allow them to work more effectively and confidently.


Jay Crisp Crow, Crisp Copy

Lynette has the ability to teach. Lots of people can lecture.

Lynette can teach difficult concepts to regular folk and not make them feel overwhelmed or stupid in the process.


Nicole Bathurst, Naturally Nic

I have reached a new level of confidence with tech. I am still scratching the surface but I don’t sink into overwhelm anymore. I now know I can learn and master what I need to!

This would not be possible without my sessions with the ever patient Lynette.

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